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A Lover of Poetry, Music & Nature’s Beauty: Grim HC Bernhoft

69170_441952601393_3441369_nGrim Bernhoft was born in Stockholm, Sweden but raised under the midnight sun of the tiny island of Lofoten, Norway.  Surrounded by the mighty fjords and the landscape of fairy tales, the swirl of the Northern Lights dancing above his head.  As a young boy, his view of the world began to take shape while sitting in hidden caves that shot straight out from the sea.  He began to gather colors, textures, and threads, and fabrics for this blanket that he would weave of how he saw the world.  With a family of music and art, and a house always visited by some of the biggest in folk music, late nights and music and laughter seamed like a natural part of life growing up.  As a huge fan of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Kizz and other hard rock bands got Grim playing in various bands growing up.

Staying in Thailand as a 15-year-old opened the doors to many insights, submerged in Buddhism, wisdom and smiles, new sounds and impressions truly awoke his need for adventure and exploring new music and places.  He moved to Los Angeles to study at the Musician’s Institute, and graduated only to be discovered and whisked around the world, living in over 12 countries over the course of his decade long career as a professional model.  Milan, Paris, Cape Town, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Munich, Barcelona, Vienna, Hamburg, Korea . . .

Submerged in the lifestyle of electronica and experimental music had grim composing electronic music, with a deep meditational, psychedelic undertone, all to end up to his roots, a guitar and song, a journey through music and life.  The music of Grim HC Bernhoft is a mixture of traditional folk and more modern singer songwriter style, all with the intent of creating harmony and an outlet for feelings needing more than words to be understood, always honest, from the heart lyrics. Grim is now able to open the door to his words and thoughts with music belonging truly nowhere but everywhere.

Bio excerpt from:  Grim HC Bernhoft on Reverbnation

Photos by:  Yoji Abe


I am affected by all beauty around me, the soft rain, the way the moon dances on a lake at night, I love the silence, flowers and trees and the echoes of the leaves whispering in the woods. I love poetry, good songs and a story by the fire.

I’m touched by the scent of fall, freshly cut grass in the summer and the salty touch of the sea. I count endless stars as I gaze upon the mighty night, trying to grasp the beauty as my eyes falls deep into the void of the endless darkness.

Sometimes something is so beautiful that it hurts your heart, you try to take it in, but can’t because it’s just too overwhelming, that’s what inspires me to make music, or write poetry, so that I can share those feeling with you, whom ever you might be…

~Grim H-C


You can find more of Grim on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/grimbernhoftmusic


Women of Femmina Forte

On Fire Political Activist, Radio Show Host & Mama – Chris Miller


Chris Miller, 31 ­Political activist, radio show host, technology marketing executive, print model, and full­-time single mother. Not the typical description of a woman in our society, but that is quickly evolving. Nowadays, increasingly, women are branching out and refusing to be acknowledged by one standard description. This woman is no exception. There is no shortage of women who are able to seamlessly manage the balancing act that is being a mother, having a successful career, and maintaining some semblance of a social and romantic life, while leaving enough room to exercise their right to have a passion or two to act upon. It’s perfectly acceptable to want it all. In fact, why shouldn’t you? Hats off to the woman who wants it all and refuses to accept any less.

Chris and her two children reside oceanside in beautiful San Francisco, California. She’s served in elected office for the past three years, on a committee whose body endorses local candidates and ballot initiatives and advises local leaders on relevant political issues. She hosts a weekly radio show, ‘Political Vixen’ a controversial political satire and commentary show, which discusses national politics. National and local candidates, reporters, national organization leaders and lobbyists can be found on her show. She serves on multiple boards and is active in the charter school movement. What’s up next for this modern day vixen? She’s running the second of a series of education reform initiatives, to allow children in San Francisco to attend schools near their homes, rather than being forced all over the city.


In between the madness of running a campaign and a radio show, she is running a household complete with two children full­-time. When time permits, a photo shoot or two. A 12 year career in tech to top it all off. Any down time? You’ll find her surfing in icy northern California waters, writing, enjoying wine and cuisine anywhere she finds herself, and dancing with her girlfriends for a night on the town. What is the one thing that made her blush? The mystery man in her life. We all have our weaknesses. Hers – “European lingerie and the world’s best kisser.” It’s not easy getting everything you want, but we’re certainly going to try.

Credits:  Photographer – John Nguyen | MUA/Hair –  Nico Doniele

Facebook: http://www.ChrisMillerCA www.facebook.com/milleronair

Twitter: @milleronair
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/chrismillersf
Website: www.politicalvixen.com
‘Political Vixen’ show streams live at www.tradiov.com (7-8 pm PST), Tues & Thurs

For Chris Miller press inquiries, email: press@politicalvixen.com

Women of Femmina Forte

More Than Just Heaven Sent – Angela Rockwood


Angela Rockwood, 37, was born in Clovis, New Mexico, and grew up all over the world as the child of a career military man. She started modeling at the age of 17, later becoming a fitness instructor, which led her into the world of martial arts. At 22, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she dipped her toes into acting, filming the Fast and the Furious, and later V.I.P. in which she played the movie star Lexi Erickson.

Angela became paralyzed in an automobile accident on September 3, 2001. She and two girlfriends were driving home from a trip to San Francisco when her friend lost control of the car. Angela was in the backseat and was thrown through a window; as a result she was diagnosed as a c4 quadriplegic.


Angela recognized “she was transported to the realm of the paralyzed for a reason.” She has stated she, “had a huge choice to make: to continue to go down a positive path, be an example for others in similar positions and be a voice.”

As an Ambassador for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Angela represents the Paralysis Resource Center in outreach to Asian-American communities. She serves as a spokesmodel for Ti-Lite Wheelchairs and also works as a model for clients such as Target and Nordstrom. Angela has also appeared on television shows such as Entertainment Tonight and Larry King Live discussing life after her accident. She has picked up her acting career by landing two national commercials for AARP and Sony. Angela is also featured in CinemAbility, a documentary to be released in 2013, directed by Jenni Gold, which includes Ben Affleck, Jaime Foxx, and Jane Seymour.


Angela believes “life is a gift and what we do with our life is our gift back.” After her injury, she has chosen not to focus on the negative, but instead to be a positive example for the disability community. Most recently, she has done this as one of the stars and producers of the Sundance Channel’s Push Girls. The show follows the lives of five women living with paralysis as they grow their friendship and take on everyday life. The show has brought Angela to television appearances on Ellen and Good Morning America, and an appearance at The White House.



PHOTOGRAPHY: Mark Sacro | MUA: Kenny Michael | Dress: Bao Tranchi | Wardrobe: Leilani Lacson