Mama 1st: Follow Your Passion Even If It Is Gaming


Most parents discourage their kids from gaming – I don’t.  I always tell my kids (and everyone else) to follow their passion – even if it is gaming.  As far as their kids’ career choices go, parents are worried about how much $$ they will be making in their selections.  In recent reports, analysts predict about a 9% growth in the gaming industry to exceed $76 billion through…
…2013.  HAH!  So pretty much nullifies that worry.  How about purpose?  Well – I like to tell my kids that our purpose, as humans part of this world, is to go out there to do our part no matter how small or big to make our world better.  Can you do that with gaming?  Heck Yessz!  Gaming can be a viable tool, to positively influence the lives of others.  How?  Well…that’s where creativity comes in.  To find creative & innovative ways to make necessary changes in any industry is a honorable purpose – don’t you think?

BTW – I am a gamer too.


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